Glossary N-V


Non-credit Courses: A course or activity having no credit applicable toward a formal award, certificate, or degree. Non-Degree-Seeking Undergraduate Student: A student whose enrolment in undergraduate level courses for credit constitutes half or more of his/her course load and who is not recognized by the institution as accepted into a degree or formal award program … Read more


Occupational Technical Freshman: A lower level undergraduate student enrolled in a post-secondary certificate, diploma, or associate degree program which prepares for immediate employment, generally one who has completed no more than thirty semester credit hours. Remedial students should be included if no separate category for remedial students is provided. Occupational Technical/Program: A post-secondary certificate, diploma, … Read more


Parent Institution: The parent institution in a multi-institutional system is the main unit through which all the institutions, branches, and programs are linked as a unit. Part-Time Student: An undergraduate or first professional student enrolled for fewer than twelve credit hours in a semester or quarter, or a graduate student enrolled for fewer than nine … Read more


Quarter Calendar System: An academic year consisting of 3 sessions called quarters of about 12 weeks each. The range may be from 10 to 15 weeks. There may be an additional quarter in the summer.


Re-Admitted Student: Any student whose return to an institution requires action by an admission office. Regular Session: On campus fall and spring terms. Remedial Course Level: Course work in preparation for lower level courses. Remedial courses are limited to English Composition, Reading, Mathematics, and English as a Second Language. Although such courses are not usually … Read more


Seminary: Any educational entity which confers or offers to confer a degree or which furnishes or offers to furnish instruction leading toward, or prerequisite to, academic credit or a degree beyond the secondary level. The term includes any independent seminary chartered in a specific state and any centre or branch campus of an out-of-state seminary. … Read more


est of English As A Foreign Language (TOEFL): Standardized test designed to determine an applicant’s ability to benefit from instruction in English. Transfer Student: A student entering the institution for the first time but known to have previously, attended a post-secondary institution at the same level (e.g., undergraduate, graduate, first professional) (Source IPEDS). A student who … Read more


Undergraduate Student: A student enrolled in a university parallel/college transfer program, a four or-five-year bachelor’s degree program, an associate degree program, or an occupational or technical program that is normally terminal and would normally result in formal recognition at or below the baccalaureate level. Other degree-seeking and non-degree seeking students whose enrolment in classes at … Read more


Virtual Classroom: Place for professors and students to interact and collaborate in real time (synchronously). Using web cams, chat boxes and class discussion features, it resembles the on campus classes, except all participants are accessing it remotely over the Internet. Visually Impaired: Any person whose sight loss is sufficiently severe to adversely affect educational performance.