Re-Admitted Student: Any student whose return to an institution requires action by an admission office.

Regular Session: On campus fall and spring terms.

Remedial Course Level: Course work in preparation for lower level courses. Remedial courses are limited to English Composition, Reading, Mathematics, and English as a Second Language. Although such courses are not usually offered for degree credit, the credit hours taken in remedial work may be considered as degree seeking for funding and reporting. Budgetary guidelines restrict these courses to HEGIS disciplines beginning with 15 and 17.

Remedial Student: A student who is enrolled only in remedial courses and who does not have any college credit that can be used to determine another student level.

Residence: A person’s permanent address as determined by such evidence as a driver license or voter registration. For entering freshmen, residence may be legal residence of a parent or guardian.

Residency Requirements: Policies or laws requiring habitation in a particular place for a specified period of time.

Resident Alien: A person who is not a citizen or national of the United States and who has been lawfully admitted for permanent residence (and who holds alien registration receipt cards Form 1-551/155). (Source: IPEDS).

Required Fees: Fixed sum charged to students for items not covered by tuition and required of such a large proportion of all students that the student who does not pay the charge is an exception. These are non-refundable.

Room Charges: The charge for an academic year for rooming accommodations of a typical student sharing a room with other students.