Undergraduate Student: A student enrolled in a university parallel/college transfer program, a four or-five-year bachelor’s degree program, an associate degree program, or an occupational or technical program that is normally terminal and would normally result in formal recognition at or below the baccalaureate level. Other degree-seeking and non-degree seeking students whose enrolment in classes at the baccalaureate level constitutes more than half of their course load are also considered undergraduates. A remedial student should also be considered an undergraduate.

University: Any educational entity which confers or offers to confer a degree or which furnishes or offers to furnish instruction leading toward, or prerequisite to, academic credit or a degree beyond the secondary level. The term includes any independent university chartered in a specific state and any centre or branch campus of an out-of-state university.

University Without Walls/Open University: Educational institutions with open admissions policies that have no campus residence requirements and often use multiple modalities of delivery systems (web online, Skype, etc.). These institutions use 100% Distance Learning modalities for instruction.

Upper Division: Courses that are part of a baccalaureate program, designed to be taken by junior, senior, or fifth-year undergraduate students.