Bachelor Credit Freshman: A lower level undergraduate student enrolled in a university parallel/college transfer or baccalaureate degree program, generally one who has completed no more than thirty semester credit hours. Remedial students should be included if no separate category for remedial students is provided.

Bachelor Credit Sophomore: A lower undergraduate student enrolled in a university-parallel/college transfer or baccalaureate degree program, generally one who has completed more than thirty but no more than sixty semester credit hours.

Bachelor Degree: An award that normally requires at least four but not more than five years of full-time equivalent college-level work. This includes all bachelor degrees conferred in a five-year cooperative or work study plan or program. A cooperative plan provides for alternate class attendance and employment in business, industry, or government; thus, it allows the student to combine actual work experience with college studies. Also includes bachelor degrees in which the normal four years of work is completed in three years. (Source: IPEDS)

Blended learning: Combines online learning with other modes of instructional delivery including onsite instruction; it involves a shift in delivery to an online or computer-based environment for at least a portion of the course with the goal of improving learning, staffing, and/or facilities productivity.

Board: Room and Board for Campus housing

Board Charges: The charge for an academic year for meals, for a specific number of days per week.

Branch Campus of an Out-of-State College: Means any operation in a state of an administratively equal Branch Campus of an Out-of-State college, university, seminary, or institute when such operation offers one or more degree programs that culminate in a degree being awarded in that state, and the Branch Campus operation has its own president with majority autonomy, administration, student services, library, faculty, and academic facilities. The operation may also meet the following: 1. may or may not be incorporated as a domestic corporation in that state or 2. may or may not be accredited by a U.S.D.E. recognized accrediting agency, approved by that state.

Branch Operation: When referring to a college chartered in a state, means any location away from the main administrative campus in that state, at which location the college offers courses carrying college credit.