Headcount Student: A student enrolled for more than zero credit hours in courses offered for degree or certificate credit or a student who meets the criteria for classification as a remedial student.

Hearing Impaired: Any person whose hearing loss is sufficiently severe to adversely affect their educational performance.

High School Diploma or Recognized Equivalent: A document certifying the successful completion of a prescribed secondary school program of studies, or the attainment of satisfactory scores on the Tests of General Educational Development (GED) or another state specified examination.

Home Study: Method of instruction designed for students who live at a distance from the teaching institution. Instructional materials are provided to the student through various media with structured units of information, assigned exercises for practice, and examinations to measure achievement, which in turn are submitted to the teaching institution for evaluation. These courses are included in Distance Learning modalities.

Hybrid Learning: Often used synonymously with blended learning; typically refers to blending multiple modes of learning – combining online and on campus pedagogies and materials within the same class.