History of CPCA Certification


CPCA Certification Commission History

The CPCA has historical roots in the work done by founder Dr. Earle E. Lee, and others in the early 1980s to present day. The Council of Private Colleges of America is officially incorporated as a Florida nonprofit corporation. The CPCA outreach continues to this day. They were established in response to leaders of degree granting faith-based institutions in the USA seeking an ethical educational association. The CPCA’s purpose was to create a CPCA Certification process.


1993 CPCA Certification initiated
1996-2010 Review and evaluation of certification study conducted.
2010 21st Century CPCA Certification process.
2021 CPCA Certification Commission created with its own corporation, board members, website, and certification process under the Commission.

The CPCA currently is the only educational association that has developed a CPCA Certification Commission with a certification process comparable to USDE recognized Accrediting Agencies’ academic and administrative standards for faith-based institutions. The CPCA Certification Commission welcomes and invites faith-based institutions to examine the benefits of their institution’s legacy of excellence

The CPCA Certification Commission process excludes the massive USDE accreditation extreme financial requirements pertaining to receiving US government grants, loans, and Title IV funds. Consequently, CPCA Certification Commission certified institutions can totally offer Bible integrated courses and degrees at an extremely reduced financial cost to the student. The CPCA Certification Commission process recognizes faith based economic principles of operation.

CPCA Certification Commission members understand that faith-based institutions receiving Federal or State Government grants, loans, or Title IV Funds in the USA are subject to the demands tied to such funding. Logically, “Whoever pays the piper has a right to call the tune.” The CPCA Certification Commission will NEVER require a CPCA member institution to teach contrary to their Biblical doctrinal positions. NEVER means NEVER!

The CPCA Certification Commission certification process provides a standard for academic and administrative excellence that sets apart CPCA Certification Commission members from the plethora of accreditation mills not recognized by USDE CHEA.

This fact is important for faith-based institutions that do not take US government grants, loans, and Title IV funds. Faith based institutions seeking accreditation from the plethora of non-recognized by USDE CHEA accreditation mills believe that it legitimizes them, but it misleads the educational consumer. REMEMBER, CPCA Certification Commission faith-based institutions strive to, “Keep the Lord’s Testimony above Reproach!”

Faith-based CPCA Certification Commission Member institutions should consider the additional benefits of seeking CPCA Certification Commission certification to feature their academic and administrative standards comparable to USDE recognized Accrediting Agencies.