CPCA Academic Excellence

CPCA Academic Excellence Standards For Private Faith Based Institutions Private faith based degree granting institution academic excellence standards are patterned after our early historical U.S educational institutions of higher learning. They equal or exceed the minimum standards of many State Departments of Education. A faith-based degree granting postsecondary education institution may offer distance learning programs to … Read more

CPCA Credit Guidelines

CPCA Academic Credit Guidelines The American Council on Education in its Credit Recommendation Evaluative Criteria, states, “normally, academic credit is assigned on the basis of one semester credit hour for each 15 classroom contact hours plus 30 hours of outside preparation or equivalent. The “hour” is 50 minutes in length. Therefore, 15 classroom hours is … Read more

CPCA Fair Practice Standards

CPCA Fair Practice Standards A faith-based postsecondary education degree granting institute, college, university or seminary domiciled in or operating in any state or country shall have the following published in its catalog and/or website and made available to each student prior to enrollment: Purpose and mission statement, its educational programs and curricula; Nondiscrimination policy stating … Read more

CPCA Contracts

CPCA Contracts Contracts between the CPCA and its member institutions under Right to Contract Laws shall be effective until terminated. Termination must be accomplished by either party submitting a notice in writing via certified mail or proof of delivery method with a signed receipt confirming termination. Termination of contract with the CPCA by any institution shall … Read more

CPCA Confidentiality

CPCA Confidentiality Disclosure Policy 1.     CPCA staff and their attorneys will be sharing their attorney’s legal strategies and mental impressions with our clients, CPCA members and interested parties. United States law and individual state laws as they relate to attorney-client privilege and/or work product privilege provides for confidentiality of all these matters by any party they … Read more